Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – Vietnamese (RCIA)

Christian Initiation of Adults – Vietnamese Community

The word “initiate” means to induct into membership. In the context of Christian Initiation, it means the process that prepares you to become a member of the Catholic Church. People who have been thinking of becoming Catholic, who are attracted to its beliefs and who seek deeper meaning in their lives may wish to follow these promptings and discover what lies behind them.

To help you understand the basic way of Catholic life in your native language, we first offer the Inquiry Class. These sessions do not bind or commit you to membership in the Catholic faith. This is the preparation stage and will vary time-wise depending on the participant and on God’s call in his or her life.

The next phase, which is called the Catechumenate, is usually about one year long. During this phase we meet on Sunday Mornings. This time is given to fostering a deeper relationship with the Lord. Our sessions cover scripture, church teachings, and a variety of related topics – all in preparation for the reception of the sacraments of Baptism and/or Confirmation and Eucharist normally at Easter of that year.

All of the RCIA classes for the Vietnamese community are taught in the Vietnamese language. Classes begin yearly in mid-September, ending on Pentacost Sunday. Classes meet once a week on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm in one of the classrooms in the parish hall.

If you are considering becoming a Catholic, perhaps the time is right for you to find out more about the Church’s teaching and way of life. We will warmly welcome you here at St. Bonaventure and do all that we can to help you.

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