FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I get something published in the bulletin? What is the deadline?

    Information for the bulletin must be received 10 days prior to the Sunday it is published. These dates are published on the front of the bulletin each week. Information can be submitted to the Parish Office in one of the following ways:

    ONLINE: Download and fill out PDF form and click the "SEND" button at the bottom of the page or use our online form here.

    IN PERSON: Download and fill out PDF form, and bring it to the parish office during regular office hours.

    EMAIL:  Send information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

    ALL submissions MUST include: 

    1. Your contact information -  including, name, phone # and ministry or organization name

    2. Article text (neatly typed or printed) including or if article was previously run, include previous year bulletin publish date(s) and page #

    3. Attach graphics or photos, or idea of what you would like to appear (e.g. basketball, rosary, etc clipart) or if article was previously run, include previous year bulletin publish date(s) and page #

    4. Date(s) you would like submission to appear in the bulletin

    The FINAL DEADLINE may change or require an earlier deadline due to holidays or Office schedules, watch the bulletin for announcements. For any issue, please do not hesitate to submit your request several days or weeks in advance, since bulletin space is limited and notices may be printed on a first-come, first-served basis. Notices may be edited and/or limited to two announcements prior to the event.

    Please note: we do not accept “Help Wanted” or Classified" notices from parishioners or businesses for our bulletin.

  • Can I have flyers inserted into the bulletin?

    Flyers are used only for major events sponsored by the parish. Coordinators of these events should contact the Parish Office to make arrangements to advertise an event with a flyer.

  • How do I get something announced at Mass?

    Announcements of certain events can be made from the pulpit at weekend Masses. Generally, parish events happening immediately after Mass, in the upcoming week, or on the following weekend, and to which most or all parishioners are invited, may be announced. (However, please be aware that all pulpit announcements are made at the discretion of the pastor.)

    Requests for pulpit announcements should be submitted to the Parish Office. The FINAL deadline for requesting a pulpit announcement is Thursday noon preceding the desired weekend.  Contact the Parish Center for more information.

  • How do I reserve a room in the parish facilities?

    Our Parish Facilities Manager schedules all room reservations. Based on availability, the following facilities may be reserved for parish organization meetings and events: Parish Hall, Hall Conference Room, Sr. Brigid's Room, Parish Center Meeting Rooms, Duffy Center and Classrooms. View Facilities information here.

    The Parish Hall can be rented for private parties, such as funeral receptions, anniversary parties, etc. following a liturgical celebration in the church at the approval of the Pastor, and by registered parishioners only.  There is a rental fee and insurance liability fee, as well as a damage deposit. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

  • Who can be married at St. Bonaventure Church?

    The person seeking to be married at St. Bonaventure Church needs to be a registered parishioner at least 6 months prior to contacting the pastor regarding a wedding. The Pastor must be contacted 9 months prior to the anticipated date. Children of registered parishioners, away at school, may also celebrate their wedding at St. Bonaventure Church.

  • Are there any reasons why a wedding might be delayed?

    The reasons why a wedding may be delayed include:

    1.  The non-practice of the faith

    3.  Refusal to cooperate and participate in the marriage preparation program

    3.  Public propriety (An example here would be living together. This “public” statement is in direct contradiction to the “public” statement made in the sacramental wedding. In many states, “living together” is recognized as a “Common Law Marriage.” A “Common Law Marriage” can be blessed in the Church in a simple ceremony if the couple promises to live and practice their faith.)

    4.  Annulment proceeding not yet finished.

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