Jim Andersen

Deacon Jim was born in Chicago on June 2, 1943. His family of four later moved to the Philadelphia area in 1952. Jim lived in a stable family and received a Catholic education from kindergarten through college.
In 1961, Jim and his parents moved to Los Angeles, where he graduated from Loyola University (now, Loyola Marymount) with his engineering degree. Jim began his aerospace career with Douglas Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing. Jim & Sharon met during their college years. They were married in Santa Barbara in April, 1966.
Their married life began in Huntington Beach where they joined the new parish of St. Bonaventure. Four years later, they were a family with three youngsters. All their children attended St. Bonaventure School. In the decades since then, they volunteered in numerous ministries. Marriage Encounter, and also children’s and teen ministries were especially sacred to them as a family.
In about 2001, Jim joined a Christian ministry that serves prison inmates. This ministry introduced Jim to many other Christian men, including Catholic deacons. From these experiences came Jim’s desire to learn much more about deacons.
In 2003, Jim began his formation studies for the diaconate at the Diocese of Orange. Sharon attended all of the classes with him. Deacon Jim was ordained in May, 2007 and was assigned to his home parish.