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December 6, 2018

The temporary power to the Hall/Church, Rectory and the Parish Center has been completed and we have just heard word that SCE will be disconnecting the old power on December 10. Once that is completed, the rest of the last wall of the Sacristy will be demolished. That hasn't stopped the crew from performing the very important work of supporting the new floor. In a previous update it was stated that the slab would be removed prior to the pressure grouting. The soils engineer and the structural engineer along with the general contractor agreed that they would utilize the existing slab in the grouting process. There are 112 holes that have been drilled into the slab and 20 foot pipes placed down those holes. Grout is being pumped into them to form the support of the new slab. The pressure grout process will take two weeks more and may take us into Christmas week. The next steps are to remove the existing slab, then treat the soil underneath the slab with new soil. The underground electrical conduit and plumbing will be installed. This will take us into the new year.

As most of you have noticed, the parking in front of the hall has been removed and that space dedicated to loading and unloading. This was done in response to several close calls of drivers pulling out of those spaces colliding with the heavier than usual traffic coming in off of Springdale. The disabled parking spaces have been moved to the east side of the Parish Center. Part of the safety issue is caused by drivers pulling into the driveway and not reducing their speed. This creates a very dangerous situation with the number of people coming from the parking lot heading to the hall. PLEASE, watch your speed as you enter the campus and keep it slow while on campus. 5 MPH is posted, but keeping it below 10 MPH would be great.

If you have a comment or a concern, we invite you to please contact us here. (The form is at the bottom of the page.) We will get back to you as quickly as we are able.

Your prayers are recognized and appreciated! We are very grateful to those of you who continue to support the parish with your time, talent and treasure, especially during the inconveniences experienced during construction. From Fr. Joe, Fr. Martin, Fr. Tim and the entire Parish Staff, Thank You! 

Construction Week of 11.04.18 - 11.10.18

Construction Week of 10.28.18 - 11.03.18

Construction Week of 10.21.18 - 10.27.18


Construction Week of 10.14.18 - 10.20.18


November 8, 2018

 Construction did not have any impact on our Festival this year, thanks to those that spent months planning and executing the plan without any major issues. The construction company worked very well with us to accommodate our needs as did the ride company. The weather wasn't as accommodating!

There have been a couple of surprises that have slowed us a little but hasn't had a tremendous impact on the schedule. Our wonderful Project Manager, Steve Granich, is making sure all parties are keeping to schedule and to budget.

Demolition has been taking place since the fences went up in October. Most of the external structures are down, the internal structures and fixtures have been removed. The choir loft has been removed and supporting beams have been cut back. The crucifix is down and the corpus removed and carefully stored offsite with the other art in a climate controlled facility. The Stations of the Cross and the stained glass have been covered and protected for the duration of the construction. Confessional walls have been removed in order to build the ADA accessible doors. The old sacristy has been removed and the new entrance door has been cut out from the former sanctuary brick. We are currently waiting for SCE to transfer the rectory, parish center and hall to temporary power while the new transformer is installed. It is scheduled for next week. At that time the last wall of the old sacristy will be removed. The demolition of the floor slab will begin next week and is planned to take two weeks. Once complete, the ducting to the floor vents will be removed and the compaction grouting begun.

As always, please keep everyone involved with this project in your prayers!

You can view regular updates with weekly renovation photos on Instagram and Facebook or view the slideshow below:

Construction Week of 10.07.18-10.13.2018 - Sacristry Demo


October 3, 2018

Our renovation is officially underway. The contractor has taken possession of the Church and they are preparing for the demolition of the sacristy and the Church floor. Boards are in place to protect the stained-glass windows throughout the building. The pews have been removed and the old wood paneling has been removed. The construction fences will be installed on Thursday, October 4 and will be completed on Friday, October 5. There will be some accommodation made to allow for the festival rides in the regular places.

The Springdale side entrances and exits will be very restrictive, especially during demolition. More information on that will be available next week. The School is preparing for the new student drop-off and pick-up procedures to accommodate for the construction fences. New exit routes will be in place for daytime visitors. Please be careful, watch your speed (5 MPH while on campus), be mindful of pedestrians, and most importantly, please be patient.

We will be posting updates much more frequently now that the work has actually begun. We are also setting up a picture folder where you will be able to see the progress as we go.

Once again, please keep us, the construction workers, and this project in your prayers!

You can view regular updates with weekly renovation photos on Instagram and Facebook or view the slideshow below:

Construction Week of 09.30.18 - 10.06.18



August 31, 2018

We are getting very close in actually beginning work on the renovation project. Bids were opened and potential contractors interviewed. Working with our Project Manager, Steve Granich, we have several viable contractors that are being considered. A few questions need to be answered by each of them and awarding of the contract should happen by the end of next week or beginning of the week after. We're looking forward to announcing who that contractor will be and giving everyone a firm start date.

Anticipating the beginning of construction, work continues to remove everything out of the church. We have our storage bins in place and ready to be loaded. Statues, sanctuary furniture and artwork are scheduled to be packed and removed to the climate controlled facility on September 6th. The organ will be dismantled beginning September 4th and completed by the 7th. The choir loft will be emptied in the next week. The Hall Conference room will be transformed into our worship chapel on September 10th. Wall fans for the Hall will be delivered sometime next week and will be installed as soon as can be scheduled.

A lot is going on, and we could use some help - especially with removing the music from the choir loft and packing up hymnals in the church. If you are interested in helping with that, please contact Patrick Powers at (714) 846-3359 x 495 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please keep everyone working on this project in your prayers. Please, also pray for the successful completion of the project!

August 20, 2018

 It has been a while since the last web update as we experienced a stalemate between a couple of the tradesmen. Due to that delay, the Diocese has assigned a new project manager that has done spectacular work in getting everyone to work together, holding each accountable for work that was due. He has been able to accomplish quite a bit of work in the last two weeks including finalizing drawings enough so that bid documents have been drawn and issued to the contractors bidding on the project. Project bids are due to the Diocese Construction office on August 24th. Fr. Joe, the Diocese team, and a few parishioners on the building committee will meet to evaluate them. We're hoping to award the contract two weeks after the bids have been opened.

In the mean time, the transfer logistics team has been meeting weekly and working diligently in putting plans together for the stripping of the church and transferring items to the Hall. Items not being used will be evaluated as to whether or not they will be used in the new church. Items designated as "not needed" will be made available for donation or will be trashed. Items designated as "needed" will be stored for the duration. Precious items will be professionally packed and stored in a climate controlled storage facility. The other items will be stored locally on site. 

If you haven't noticed, the St. Bonaventure statue that was located on the north side of the church (between the rectory and the church) and the St. Francis statue located on the opposite side of the church have both been temporarily moved to the courtyard of the parish center. Both are visible from the parking lot to the east of the center. They will be relocated after construction.

Work continues on the Hall Conference room in preparation of housing the tabernacle. It will be made into a "permanent" worship chapel during construction. Work also continues on the Hall preparing it to be our new liturgical gathering spot for both daily and weekend Masses. 

May 11, 2018

As you can see, the first step in getting the project started has been completed. The trees surrounding the church and in the western planter in front of the church have been removed. It sure has brightened the inside of the Church during the day.

In preparation of the Hall to become our worship space during construction, the broken/malfunctioning windows will be replaced, the ceiling tiles will be secured and missing tiles replaced, and burnt out light tubes will be replaced. The Hall conference room will be re-purposed as a secure dedicated worship space containing the tabernacle allowing for a quiet place to spend time with Our Lord.

The landscape drawings and civil drawings have been completed but we have encountered a delay in completing the structural detailed drawings. The architect continues to work with the structural engineer in completing the necessary detailed drawings. Bid documents will not be created until this is completed. We won't have a firm construction start date until a General Contractor has been chosen. That will happen as soon as drawings are completed to the satisfaction of the architect, the project manager and the city (who has already given approval of the project,) and bid documents have been provided to the contractors. We are to give the contractors a few weeks to come back with their bids; then one will be chosen. 

April 6, 2018

We are getting close to drafting bid documents for the number of general contractors who are interested in bidding on our renovation. We are currently waiting for the completion of the landscaping architectural drawings, drawings of the ADA required driveways off of Springdale, and more detailed mechanical drawings that the contractors will require for an accurate bid.

The project manager for the renovation has indicated that documents will be submitted to the interested contractors the week of April 23rd. He is indicating that we are still on target for an end of June/ beginning of July start date.

February 26, 2018

 We have some exciting news! We have completed the first plan check with the city and our architect is completing the required changes to our detailed drawings. None of the required changes had a significant impact on cost. When completed, plans are resubmitted to the city for final plan check and approval. We hope we have resolved a FEMA permit issue. We should know definitively in the next week or two, but everything points to a positive resolution.

Once we have completed the final plan check, documents are drawn, opening the bidding process with general contractors. Bids are submitted and reviewed by the parish and the diocese and a contractor will be chosen for the project. It is at that time that we'll get a solid idea of a construction start date. We are still hopeful we will be able to start in April.

The project cost remains at $7.9M and we have committed to the Diocese that it will not be more than that. That figure is inclusive of approximately 20% in unforeseen contingencies that both the estimator and the Diocese has built into the estimate. There is currently over $4M in the bank and considering the outstanding pledges and the architecture/project management costs already paid, we will need to only draw $1.4M of the guaranteed Diocese $2M loan. Any additional pledge or gift will have a direct impact on what we'll have to borrow to complete the renovation.

Thank you to each and every one who has made a pledge through the capital campaign or has contributed a gift to the building fund. Your sacrifice to enhance the worship experience at St. Bonaventure will be a blessing for now and generations to come. For those of you who have yet to financially participate, it's never too late. Please know that paying back a $1.4M loan will be a struggle for the parish. The less we have to borrow, the better financial health we'll be in.

Thank you again for your support and for your continued prayers for the success of this important renovation. 

February 19, 2018

It is with a  heavy heart that we must announce that our beloved pine trees will need to be removed in preparation of the renovation work. We will begin removal over the next few weeks. The architect has been working with our landscaping company to develop a better plant and tree design that will not only enhance the beauty of our Church but also will be drought resistant. 

February 12, 2018

When we move out of the Church during the renovation, we will be having services in the Hall each weekend. As part of the move, we will be having services in the Hall each weekend. As part of the move, we will be evaluating everything that is currently stored in the Church for one of three dispositions:

  1. Move over to the Hall to be used for services.
  2. Store for future use in the renovated Church.
  3. Donate or dispose of material that will not be used in the future.

If you are a ministry leader and are responsible for material stored in the church, please contact Patrick Powers at x 495 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll need to know what you are responsible for and the suggested disposition.