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As Christian stewards, our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people through word, sacrament, service and community life.

Church Renovation Updates


View RENOVATION NEWS page for recent updates and photos on the ongoing construction.  Church Office parking lot procedures during the school day:

Springdale Street driveway entrance is open to church and construction traffic and is ONE WAY ONLY,  no exit. Follow the signs and arrows to exit the church parking lot on Orlando Street. See diagram. There is NO school visitor entrance or exit on Springdale Street.
Orlando Street driveway entrance is open to church and school traffic during the day. Please follow the signs and arrows to enter and exit Orlando Street.
• The Bradbury Lane gate will be closed during school hours (9:15 am – 2:30 PM).

Please pray for the safety of the workers and for the success of the project. Please be careful when driving on campus and watch for pedestrians!

Campus (School) Safety

See more information on the parking lot driving and parking logistics as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • There is absolutely NO parking or student drop off on Orlando Street.
  • Please use the Bradbury Lane car line loop to drop off or the Orlando Street entrance to park and walk your students in. These are the only two car arrival options.
  • When using the car line, please have your student's backpack in the car (not the trunk or hatch) to allow for a prompt exit of your vehicle.
  • ALL students must enter the school through the Duffy gate entrance at the lower grade lunch benches.
  • Approved walkers may use the walkers’ gate.
  • Please drive slowly and watch for children.

The complete arrival/school day/dismissal instructions and diagrams are attached for your convenience.

Traffic Instructions Overview

School Morning Arrival Map

School Day Map

School Dismissal Map

Thank you in advance for your support and patience.

Questions? Contact Pastoral Manager Pat Powers at 714-846-3359x495 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Presider's Schedule

13th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

Saturday , June 29
5:00 pm - Fr. Tim Donovan
6:30 pm(VN) - Fr. Martin Tran
Sunday , June 30
7:30 am - Fr. Martin Tran
9:00 am - Fr. Joe Knerr
10:30 am - Fr. Joe Knerr
12:00 pm - Fr. Tim Donovan
1:30 pm (SP) - Fr. Joe Knerr
5:00 pm Fr. Tim Donovan

14th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

Saturday , July 6
5:00 pm - Fr. Joe Knerr
6:30 pm(VN) - Fr. Quan Tran
Sunday , July 7
7:30 am - Fr. Quan Tran
9:00 am - Fr. Joe Knerr
10:30 am - Fr. Ruben Ruiz
12:00 pm - Fr. Quan Tran
1:30 pm (SP) - Fr. Ruben Ruiz
5:00 pm - Fr. Joe Knerr
schedule is subject to change without notice

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