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Perfectly Yourself: Audio Files

Audio files to listen to the recorded talks of Fr. Joe, Fr. Martin, Fr. Angelos and Fr. Tim on Perfectly Yourself Book Study are now available.  Look for upcoming information on Small Group Discussions in the near future.

   Session 1 (chapters 1 & 2) talk given by Fr. Joe Knerr

   Session 2 (chapters 3 & 4) talk given by Fr. Tim Donovan

   Session 3 (chapters 5 & 6) talk given by Fr. Fr. Angelos Sebastian

   Session 4 (chapters 7 & 8) talk given by Fr. Martin Tran

   Session 5 (chapters 9 & 10) talk given by Fr. Tim Donovan - coming soon!






The book Perfectly Yourself by New York Times best-selling author Matthew Kelly was given to every family at all Christmas Masses. 

Do you ever get the feeling that you are not enough? Not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not loved enough, not rich enough, not good enough? We all have these feelings from time to time, usually because we're comparing ourselves to others. But God doesn't compare you to anybody else. He wants to help you become the person he created you to be — perfectly yourself! 

In this life-changing book, Matthew Kelly addresses the opportunities and obstacles we encounter when we decide to ask life's BIG questions: who am I? and why am I here? Kelly teaches us how to find the balance between accepting ourselves and striving to become all God dreams for us to become.

 Newly revised with an emphasis on spiritual growth and realizing God's dream for your life, Perfectly Yourself this is the book you need if you long to be at pace with who you are, where you are, and what you are doing, not in some distant tomorrow, but here and now today.


God’s dream for you goes so far beyond what the world has to offer. He made each and every single one of us wonderfully unique, and he dreams that we will chase, embrace and celebrate all He created us to be. 
—Matthew Kelly





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28th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

Saturday , October 13
5:00 pm - Fr. Tim Donovan
6:30 pm(VN) - Fr. Martin Tran
Sunday , October 14
7:30 am - Fr. Martin Tran
9:00 am (Festival  Field Mass) - Fr. Tim Donovan
10:30 am - Fr. Martin Tran
12:00 pm - Fr. Joe Knerr
1:30 pm (SP) - Fr. Tim Donovan
5:00 pm - Fr. Joe Knerr

29th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

Saturday , October 20
5:00 pm - Fr. Martin Tran
6:30 pm(VN) - Fr. Martin Tran
Sunday , October 21
7:30 am - Fr. Joe Knerr
9:00 am
(Rite of Acceptance)
- Fr. Joe Knerr
10:30 am - Fr. Martin Tran
12:00 pm - Fr. Tim Donovan
1:30 pm (SP) - Fr. Tim Donovan
5:00 pm - Fr. Tim Donovan
schedule is subject to change without notice

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